Work The Pond! Is Not Your Typical Networking Book (Review)

Work the Pond! Photo Credit: Amazon.caThanks to my participation in the Leaders of Tomorrow mentorship program, I’ve received a free copy of Work the Pond! Use the Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life. Although it has a long title, the book itself is actually pretty short – about 200 pages including the index and the appendix.

During the holidays, I finally had the chance to read this book. One thing I’ve noticed is that this book is radically different from many books about networking. Now, granted, I haven’t read that many networking books — Who can blame me, though? They’re usually super boring! — but I think I’ve read enough to actually say that Work the Pond! is beyond the typical. Here are 5 reasons why.

Reason #1:
It’s actually fun to read.

The authors use a conversational tone, and they provide many examples to back up their tips. Also, the basic premise behind “positive networking” (i.e. discovering what you can do for someone else) is less intimidating than the typical tip of going for the hard sell.

Reason #2:
There’s some scientific stuff.

If you don’t believe in networking, or if you’re not fully convinced that you should be doing it, Rezac provides a good portion of the book addressing your concerns. The integration of the science behind weak links and the small world phenomenon are not only interesting, they are also effective tools in converting the non-believers.

Best of all, these scientific findings are told in a friendly, informative manner. At no point did the book lectured. It also helped that the arrangement of the chapters was logical and provided a good flow.

Reason #3:
They know what they’re talking about.

Darcy Rezac was managing director of The Vancouver Board of Trade at one point, and he has lots of experience both in and out of the business world.  Both Judy Thomson and Gayle Hallengren-Rezac also have many years of experience. These authors know what they’re talking about, and I think that’s why the book is easy to read. They’ve used their real-world experience to make ideas more accessible.

Reason #4:
The book recognizes that networking doesn’t happen just at networking events.

The authors encourage readers to see networking opportunities everywhere. And they recognize that everyone is somehow equal. These might seem like basic ideas, but you’ll be surprised how many books don’t emphasize these things.

Reason #5:
(And this is kinda related to item #4.) The book sees networking as a natural part of a fulfilled life.

The idea that positive networking can be part of a happy life might seem far-fetched, but I do think that the authors have done a good job of showing how this is true.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely! It’s an easy-to-read and affordable (it retails for less than $20 CDN)  book that professionals at all levels would find helpful and insightful.

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