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Facebook Ads: A Newbie’s Perspective

Credit: IABC/BC

One of the benefits of getting involved with a trade association is having access to volunteer opportunities that is related to what you eventually would like to do. In my short involvement with IABC/BC so far,  I’ve already had the privilege of volunteering for some projects.  Managing a Facebook ad campaign was one of them.

Some background: The association was looking for ways to promote an event titled IABC/BC 101. The target audience of the free event was non-members who may be interested in joining the association. The association was interested in using Facebook ads as a way of promoting the event.

After getting some advice from a more senior IABC/BC member, I decided to run two campaigns. Call it A/B testing if you’d like. One of them had images of people (see pic above); one used the association’s logo. Also, one ran as a CPM campaign and the other ran as a CPC.

The ads actually ran comparatively well, so I can’t comment on the CPC vs CPM debate. I offer these five lessons instead:

Lesson 1: Need to say more? Add text to the image!

The biggest challenge I’ve noticed right away was the lack of space for characters. Facebook only allows 25 characters for the headline. For the copy, you only have 135 characters. That’s not really a lot, especially if you want a long word like “communication” in it. An idea I got again from another IABC/BC member is to put some of the text in the image itself. I was concerned that Facebook might not approve such image, but I was able to get through just fine.

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Old Spice Shows How Us How It’s Done

Unless you haven’t been online at all last week, you likely have seen at least one of the 180 YouTube Old Spice videos. The “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign took over all social media for a few days last week, showing everyone how viral marketing should work. Of course, the tricky thing about viral marketing is that it is controlled by the people, not by companies or their advertising agencies; however, this campaign shows us how the right mix of ingenuity, research, planning, and inspiration can bring unbelievable results.

The genius idea was really quite simple: For two days, the Old Spice guy (his actual name is Isaiah Mustafa), made personalized videos for fans, bloggers, celebrities, and everyone in between. According to a ReadWriteWeb article, the comedic videos were made in an undisclosed location in Portland, Oregon and was a collective effort by “a team of creatives, tech geeks, marketers and writers”.

The key to the campaign was that it engaged viewers, ensuring in return that these viewers made the campaign viral. The campaign spoke to you; in fact, if you’re one of the many who got a personalized response, then I meant that quite literally.

See a couple of the standouts from this campaign as well as a pretty awesome parody after the jump.

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I’m lovin’ it: New marketing communications campaign from McDonald’s France

Via Towleroad…  It looks like McDonald’s France is serving up some young gay love. In it’s new advertising campaign titled “Come as You Are”, McDonald’s France is featuring a teenage, closeted gay guy talking to (presumably) his teenage boyfriend while his dad purchases food from the counter.

I’m not sure if this is first in a series of ads, but does it look like the ad is somewhat incomplete? If the ad is complete as it is, what message are they trying to tell us? Are they encouraging gay guys to be in the closet? (I realize that this is highly unlikely.)

There’s one thing you can’t deny about this ad. McDonald’s Restaurants, regardless of all the flak it receives for not contributing to obesity, still remains one of the most innovative establishments around. Its willingness to take on subjects that most companies would consider “risky” is admirable.

Nike’s New Ad: Out of Line or Genius?

Despite Tiger Woods’ return to the Masters, it looks like the controversy surrounding his extra-marital affairs is not completely over.

A new Nike ad is generating buzz because of its use of the voice of Tiger Woods’ late father. In the ad, Earl Woods asks,

“I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. Did you learn anything?”

Read on to watch the video..

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