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Work The Pond! Is Not Your Typical Networking Book (Review)

Work the Pond! Photo Credit: Amazon.caThanks to my participation in the Leaders of Tomorrow mentorship program, I’ve received a free copy of Work the Pond! Use the Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life. Although it has a long title, the book itself is actually pretty short – about 200 pages including the index and the appendix.

During the holidays, I finally had the chance to read this book. One thing I’ve noticed is that this book is radically different from many books about networking. Now, granted, I haven’t read that many networking books — Who can blame me, though? They’re usually super boring! — but I think I’ve read enough to actually say that Work the Pond! is beyond the typical. Here are 5 reasons why.

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Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark is the first novel from the Sookie Stackhouse series – the series that inspired HBO’s True Blood.


After reading this book, I now understand where its popularity came from.  It has the right combination of intrigue, romance, sex, mystery and violence to keep you wanting more. It doesn’t hurt that the series involves vampires – a popular topic among book readers, it seems.

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