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Holiday Workout

Busy this December? Too many Xmas parties to go to?

Well, don’t make the mistake of using those excuses not to workout this month. Personally, I have finals and (presumably) Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties to go to, but that doesn’t mean I’ll skip the gym completely. If you find that you’re out of time, try Arnel Ricafranca’s Holiday Workout. It’s an excellent circuit training – it should keep your heart going because the breaks are small in between.

Check it out below! (Video also included after the jump.)

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Arnel’s 14 Minute Circuit Training

I think everyone should be in some sort of a circuit training at one point during the year. I mean, why not? It’s quick, it gets your heart going, and it’s kinda fun.

Technically, circuit training is simply a program that combines cardio and resistance. In simplest terms, this means doing one exercise after another. The lack of rest in between gets your heart pumping. Most circuit training includes a rapid movement in between exercises that will get the heart pumping. For instance, you can do jumping jacks in between to give yourself a quick cardio workout. I prefer this traditional way of doing cardio because it allows you to break a sweat.

Watch the video. >>>

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Pushups Variations

Pushups are seriously underrated. When people think of chest exercises, the good old bench press comes to mind first.

But pushups have several advantages over bench press. You can do a pushup practically anywhere — no need to visit a gym, no need to have any equipments. Pushups also require your core (Rectus Abdominis) to stabilize your body, so it contributes to that nice six pack.

Needless to say, a true fitness guru can do pushups and would add this to his or her regular workout routine. A common misconception about this exercise, however, is that it can’t be varied, that you’re stuck to only one kind.

Arnel Ricafranta recently posted a couple of new videos showing showing variations of this awesome exercise. I like the videos because they show how fun pushups can be.

Watch the videos>>>

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Advanced Shoulder Workout

I really like  Jeff Cavaliere’s videos.(Jeff manages the site This guy knows what he’s talking about.

One of his latest videos shows some awesome exercises for the shoulders.  The exercises themselves are pretty awesome, but I’m mostly impressed that he’s showing some exercises for some often-ignored muscles.

Watch the video>>>

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Core Exercises Variations

Arnel Ricafranca posted a video outlining some great variations for different core exercises. I’ve watched it and I give it a big thumbs up.

Mostly I’m impressed that he has covered exercises for the lower back. When people think of “core,” they usually only think about the front muscles, rectus abdominus  – in fact, your lower back is a big part of your core.  Not working out your lower back results to funky posture and may even result or contribute to an injury.

Remember also that a lot of the things you do – both inside and outside the gym – requires you to have a strong lower back. For instance, something as simple as doing lunges would require you to work your lower back.

Watch the video. >>>

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The Wolverine Workout

Jeff Cavaliere (who owns recently posted three videos on YouTube outlining the kind of workout that Hugh Jackman went through to get that uber-sexy body for the Wolvorine movie.

I checked out the videos, and I definitely plan on trying them. I like that the workouts are easy to follow, and yet they offer a variety of exercises. Definitely worth checking out!

Part 1:  Animal Strength Workout

Part 2 and part 3 on the next page…

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Is your workout routine working?


I stumbled upon an article on Sympatico Healthy & Fitness listing some clues you can look at to judge whether your workouts are working for you.

It’s a quick and easy read. The article does specifically note that losing weight takes time — and I think that for the most part, the clues are  right on. I especially agree with the reference to getting high. The main reason I really like running is that great high at the end of the session.

One thing I don’t agree with is the reference to losing apetite. Perhaps it is true for some people, however, I feel the exact opposite.

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