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Grading Obama’s first year

Today, in commemoration of Obama’s first year in office, a friend on Facebook asked (through his status) what grade I’d give Obama’s performance so far.

Surprisingly, I had strong opinions about it. I say “surprisingly” because I honestly couldn’t care less about Obama right now. I mean, come on! Canada is  having its own issues right now with the way that the Parliament is being ran — and the the global community still needs to do a lot to help Haiti. I say let America worry about its own mess right now; contrary to popular belief, the world doesn’t really revolve around the US (or around Obama, for that matter).

Less surprising: me being me, my response to my friend’s question turned into a rant that’s more than about Obama.

For the sake of efficiency – I’m not being lazy, I swear! –  I copied what I commented on my friend’s status instead of typing it all up again.

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Facebook page for “Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament” reaches 70,000+

Despite a political scientist calling the recent prorogation of the Canadian parliament “no big deal“, at least 70,000 Canadians disagree. The Facebook page organized against Stephen Harper’s suspension of the Canadian parliament already has 70,000 members – and the number is still growing!

On December 30th, 2009,Stephen Harper has asked the Governor General to prorogue parliament for the second time in less than a year. The Conservatives insist that the decision to suspend the Parliament has nothing to do with the Afghan detainees controversy. But of course, the timing of the decision implies otherwise.

To join the Facebook page, click here. (The CitiNews website has an excellent explanation of what proroguing parliament means; it’s an excellent resource if you’re confused about this issue. Rick Mercer also has posted an excellent commentary.)