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Day 2: Take Home Sushi Makes Everything Better

For many people, fast food is the ultimate comfort food. They rely on McDonald’s or Burger King or a bucket of ice cream after a long day. Not me though. No siree. After a hard day’s work, I want Japanese food!

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The 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1 is All About School

Christina, a fellow AIESECer, recently wrote about the 30 Day Blog Challenge on her blog. Her post immediately caught my attention because I’ve been thinking of ways of how to reignite my passion for blogging. A long time ago, before I discovered WordPress, I actually blogged quite regularly. My Blogger site, which I’ve deleted since, used to have posts at least thrice a week. A friend even used to bug me for sharing too much on that blog. Ah, how times have changed!

Anyway, after reading Christina’s blog post, I immediately knew that I have to do this challenge. So this is it, folks: my first of 30 posts. For day 1, I’m supposed to have a post with “a photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.” Let me begin with the picture because I think that explains a lot about my day:

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WordPress VS Posterous VS Tumblr

I’ve spent the past few weeks cleaning up this blog to give it more focus and direction. I figured that since this blog actually bears my name that it should somehow help my professional brand online. So, no more ramblings about music or pop culture in this blog. This space is now entirely dedicated to “professional” stuff – i.e. university life, advertising/marketing, marcomm, social media, etc.

Giving focus on this blog has one big advantage: it gave me a legitimate reason to finally have a Tumblr blog. As a self-professed social media addict, I’ve always been interested with the site but couldn’t think of why I actually needed it.

So, yes, I finally have a Tumblr blog, focusing mostly on music, television and the movies. I have three blogs now, all tackling different things:

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