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Get Social in Vancouver! Marketing-Related Events Around YVR (January 2011 Edition)

SFU Woodward'sThis post was inspired by the realization that my schedule this semester isn’t conducive to attending meetups. Looks like I’ll be missing most — if not all — the awesome meetups around Vancouver this next 3 months. And that’s a shame because I find a lot of value from attending them.

But just because I can’t attend meetups doesn’t mean that you have to suffer with me. Below is a list of meetups and other marketing-related events that I’m aware of for January and early February 2011. I thought this might be a good idea because there are dedicated Twitter accounts (e.g. @BestJobsinVan) and blogs (example) for Marketing jobs in Vancouver, but there’s really nothing for events. (I’ve checked with Google, too.)

This is a couple of meetups I regularly attend. Visit if you’d like to search for more. 

Third Tuesday Vancouver (January 20, Ceilis Irish Pub). This month’s meetup features a presentation from C.C. Chapman, co-author of Content Rules. Visit the Third Tuesday Vancouver’s Meetup page for complete details.

Net Tuesday Vancouver (February 1, Storyeum). This meetup will be attempting to answer the question “Should your nonprofit be selling merchandise?” The great thing about Net Tuesday is that they always have panelists, which means that you get at least two different perspectives. The last couple of Net Tuesday meetups I’ve been even had free food! Complete details are not out yet, but watch the Net Tuesday Meetup page for further info.

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N2Camp – Main Takeaways

Photo courtesy of NetSquared Vancouver Camp MeetUp page

As I’ve written previously, I spent most of my Saturday at NetSquared Vancouver Camp, an unconference that took place at SFU Harbour Centre. It was my first time to attend an unconference, and it turned out to be a pretty good day.

While there, I got to meet individuals who are either working for non-profits or who are in the tech/communication/marketing industry. In the process, lots of great information were exchanged.

The day began with a quick explanation of what how the day would unfold; this was important because most of us have never been to an unconference.
The “schedule wrangling” that followed was pretty interesting as it allowed pretty much anyone to suggest (and eventually lead) a session.

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Do You Believe?

Somewhere between two weeks ago and this Friday, something really weird happened: I started feeling a bit more patriotic. I say weird because just like most Canadians, I’m not overly patriotic – at least not in the same overt way that Americans usually are. And the funny thing is, it’s not really just me. It seems like everyone, at least everyone in the metro Vancouver area, has caught the patriotic bug.

For this I blame CTV.  Their advertisements surrounding the “Do you believe” slogan got to me. When I first saw the commercials, my thought was do I believe in what? That we’ll get Golds? That Canada will kick butt? That we can afford the Olympics?

But as they repeated the message over and over again, it got me.Then finally, on Friday, just before the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics,  I was in full mode.  Of course I believe! In what? Not really sure.  I’m sure, though, that somehow I’m now a prouder Canadian.

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Vandalism is Never the Answer

Although the Vancouver 2010 Olympics already officially kicked off yesterday,  anti-Olympics protesters are still in full force.  Yesterday, protesters managed to force the torch relay to be re-routed; this morning, they also started a riot in downtown Vancouver.

Amidst all of this, I couldn’t help but wonder: are these protesters getting their message across or they somehow giving their own cause a disservice?

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