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Kelvin (KC) Claveria

Student Writer / Blogger / Volunteer / Social Media Lover
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Here’s a list of my previous work, classified by topics. I’ve been involved with SFU Volunteer Services since November 2009. As a volunteer blog writer for the ENGAGE blog, I’ve contributed to student engagement on campus by covering stories related to volunteerism. Through the same position, I’ve had the chance to speak my mind on various social topics.

As a student writer for SFU Work Integrated Life’s Online Learning Community, I’ve also had the opportunity to research and write about topics related to the academic and work life of university students.

If you’d like more samples or if you have any projects (both paid or volunteer) that I can help with, please contact me.

Civic Engagement


Volunteer Opportunities

Student/Alumnus Profile

Campus Events

University/ Student Life


I’ve worked for eBay Inc. for three years where I contributed to increased first call resolution and decreased contact handle time by coordinating the maintenance of an internal knowledge management system. Prior to that role, I was a Content Analyst.

Some of the things I wrote include:

  • Content about new products or initiatives
  • Answers to frequently asked customer questions
  • Instructions on using the site (member-facing) or on using internal tools (agent-facing)
  • Content for use in a live chat/instant messenger setting

As a Business student, I’ve also taken courses that allowed me to hone my business writing skills. Please check the following examples:


As a student of Communications, I’ve taken special interest with social media, particularly with blogging. I also write about music, movies, fitness and politics.


Simon Fraser University
Business Administration , Marketing and Communication major
2011 (expected)
Related Course: Business Communication, Advertising as  Social Communication

Dean’s Honor Roll, Fall 2009
Cumulative GPA: 3.67


I have 19 recommendations on LinkedIn. Here is a sample of what past managers have said about me:

“Kelvin is a quick learner, thorough worker, and totally on the ball. He understands and excels at both process and communication, taking on increasing levels of responsibility in his role as live chat content analyst.”

“Kelvin most impressed me with his extreme attention to detail and ability to put himself in the customer’s shoes and anticipate what their needs would be and how the Customer Support Organization could be there for our customers.”

“Kelvin quickly established himself as an expert and accomplished more things in his role as Content Coordinator than I had even thought possible. What’s more is that he was able to create relationships of trust with his peers and throughout the organization to ensure our project was a success.

His fierce commitment to excellence allowed our team to exceed the expectations of the organization and Kelvin never failed to exceed my expectations of him.

As a self-starter, Kelvin accomplished all of his goals quickly, effectively and was always quick to reach out to help others. “


If you have any projects (both volunteer and paid) that I may be able to help with, please contact me through the following:

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